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Saxophones, voice & electronics by Lluc Riba

Guitar & sound effects by Ferran Jaumira

Piano by Toni Mora

Electric bass by Jaume Àvila

Drums & percussion by Gustau Garcia


All music composed by Lluc Riba

Mixed by Panxii Badii

Mastered by Víctor Garcia / Ultramarinos


Recorded December 2019 by Jesús Rovira & Panxii Badii at La Casamurada, Banyeres del Penedès, Catalonia, Spain

Photography by Georgina Zadi

Design by Eric Nogales

"This music borns of the need to express and release an internal process that has burned its own fears to make room for the new, embracing the pain and discomfort involved in openness to change. It is a tribute to the bravery of living what you feel and what you are in the present moment, extinguishing all censorship." – Lluc Riba

In the middle of the pandemic, Lluc introduces himself with his first work 'Quemad las Naves', an absolute statement of intents played in a quintet formation. His first job as a leader, composer, producer and sax player. 


The energy you find in all tracks remind this force that he talks about. You first listen a calm 'Intro' played deeply by the hands of the pianist and slowly brings you to the first song 'El Mito de Quirón'. From here you are a prisoner of the artist's inner journey, a complete burning of fear and strenght. However, you can find also rest and hope in tracks like 'We Will Fly Again' or 'Song for Ana' bringing another kind of freshness. 

Recorded at La Casamurada Studio, Lluc appears with tenor and soprano saxophones but also dares to improve a shout voice in 'Last Mirror' where he prentends to exorcise the pain and the tension to became a free human. Electronics appear shyly in some tracks with the intention to create a fusion ambience between jazz-rock fusion.


All members of the band integrate perfectly the meaning of Lluc's energy and brings to the music the perfect match. You can find the guitar player suporting melodies and breaking music with his great solos and effects in 'Face to Fear'; the depth and amplitude shares through the bassist player in 'Aleh Ateh'; the safety and delicacy of the pianist chords and notes in 'Marcos' and the human storm offered by the drummer in 'Quemad las Naves' – the last track before 'Coda', a kind of bonus track where Lluc shows his weakness for the base trio instruments. 

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